Getting Started


Network: Cobalt

Password: welcometocobalt



Please see the community manager to get set up on the printer.



Cobalt is typically staffed Monday-Friday 8am-5pm.  

Members have 24/7 access to the space using theIR key code.

If there is an emergency when the staff is not present, you may contact:

Grant Jr. (303) 386-3150

Grant (303) 519-2045

Jennifer (716) 397-8233



We offer coffee machines and encourage members to bring in and make their own coffee. We rotate beer to highlight some of our local breweries.  


Additionally, there is a communal kitchen space that you are welcome to use.  Please be courteous to other Cobalt members by not taking their items or by leaving foods in the refrigerator for extended periods of time.  There are also dishes and utensils for your convenience.


Getting Here

Cobalt Workspaces is located right off Broadway at Floyd street. The main entrance is on Floyd. We suggest meeting any clients or visitors at the door so they do not get lost.


Public parking is located on Floyd and Broadway and parking is available around the building. Please check the street signs. DO NOT PARK in the Smash Burger lot, you will be towed.

The 9 Commandments of Cobalt


  1. Be Friendly

  2. Treat people like you would like to be treated

  3. Be respectful of your neighbors

  4. Phone rooms are supplied for conference calls and video conference calls

    1. If you are on a call for longer than 5 minutes please utilize our rooms

  5. Clean up after yourself, you are in charge of the kitchen.

    1. Leave nothing in the sink

    2. Fridge will be emptied and cleaned once a week

  6. No jerks allowed

  7. Do not sit at designated desks that are not yours

  8. Please check in guests

  9. Please do not share the access codes

Welcome to Cobalt!


We’re so happy you’ve chosen to be part of the Cobalt community! We have worked hard to cultivate this wonderful space for entrepreneurs and small businesses and hope that you will become an active member. We’ve included some information about Cobalt, as well as the neighborhood, to help you get started.


Here at Cobalt, we emphasize customer service that goes above and beyond.   We strive to make it a smooth and fun experience away from your lonely kitchen table or stuffy executive suite. We want our spaces to reflect the values of our members and provide flexibility to work with your individual needs.


Cobalt Workspaces is a place where you will find your productivity increase and will be able to make a friend or two along the way.  We encourage saying good morning to your neighbor and getting to know the other members. You never know when that might lead to a serendipitous work encounter. We’ve seen partnerships (and friendships) develop, businesses utilize each other for different skills sets, and opportunities arise from people getting to know each other in the space. This is your network, use it!


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact a member of the Cobalt team.  We’re always here to assist you and help in any way we can.


-The Cobalt Team

Grant Whiteside

Grant Whiteside Jr.

Jen Anderson



The Cobalt Story


Owned and operated by Grant Whiteside, Cobalt started when Grant realized working from home was not...working. He was looking for a space where he could be a part of a community. He  wanted something modern and professional with great people and at a great rate. Having experience in the design and construction industries, he set out to make the ideal work environment for entrepreneurs, Cobalt is what they developed.  


By offering members the flexibility of packages and services that best fit their individual business needs, we are able to grow and evolve with them.  Along with a variety of office services, workshops and networking events, and perks like local beer, we’ve created an environment that enhances your work and productivity.  These sophisticated spaces maintain Grant’s original vision by bringing a level of professionalism and creativity that both members and clients can appreciate.


We are always growing and learning. Tell us if you have ideas on improving our community!