Camp GCUC is only a few week away and it’s the perfect opportunity for industry novices to get the ins and outs of opening, operating, and growing a flexible workspace.

  • GCUC will take place this April 22-25th in NYC.
  • Camp GCUC will be a coworking boot camp for those interested in entering the coworking and flexible workspace industry.
  • Speakers include industry pioneers and experts that will cover technology, real estate, design, community, and more.

For the past seven years, the Global Coworking Unconference Conference (GCUC) has been at the forefront of coworking trends and happenings. What started as a single event in Austin, Texas in 2011 has become the world’s largest coworking event, and as the coworking industry has grown and evolved, so has GCUC.

Three years ago, in 2015, GCUC hosted the first ever Camp GCUC. In their words, “Camp GCUC is the perfect opportunity for industry novices to learn everything about opening, managing, and growing a flexible workspace.” After all, the coworking industry is all about community, about inclusion, and just because you haven’t yet opened your first space doesn’t mean you can’t join in on the ‘juicy’ fun.

In November 2016, Liz Elam, Founder and Executive Director of GCUC, told Allwork.Space that GCUC is a constantly changing event, one that pivots based on current market trends and needs. “We change every year, depending on what’s happening and what attendees ask for.

As the industry has grown older, our content has evolved.(…)GCUC is no longer just for the beginner, but it’s also for those who have been in the coworking business for years.”

And this is why Camp GCUC was created, as a stand alone event. At Camp, attendees will learn all the basics for opening and operating a space: real estate, legal issues, design, fit out, building a community, finances.

Stormy McBride, GCUC producer, said that this year Camp GCUC is taking it up a notch. “Camp this year will be workshop and boot camp style; presenters will share content and knowledge, but we will also hand out worksheets and other takeaways that will help attendees grasp knowledge, but more importantly, know how to  implement it.”

Meet The Speakers

Liz Elam – Welcome Message

Liz Elam is the boss lady behind GCUC and she’s also the founder of Link Coworking in Austin, Texas. Elam has conducted a lot of research related to coworking and she’s the first-ever president of the League of Extraordinary Coworking Spaces. Elam is one of the pioneers of the coworking industry and she’s the first person you will hear speak at Camp GCUC, giving attendees the official welcome and officially starting Camp. Elam will also participate in the closing panel, where attendees will have the opportunity  to ask presenters questions.

Benjamin Dyett – Real Estate, Negotiations, and NNN

Benjamin Dyett was co-founder of Grind, a coworking space founded in 2010 and is now with Open Work Agency, a coworking consulting and advising company. Dyett has a background in law, which is why he has ample experience in real estate, corporate law, and negotiations. In 2015, Grind and Verizon announced a partnership where Grind would open and manage coworking spaces within Verizon’s real estate. At Camp GCUC, Dyett, alongside a fellow colleague, will be speaking about negotiating leases for flexible workspaces, how to raise money to absorb all the necessary costs, and how to turn your real estate into a profitable business.