It's the 21st century – yes, virtual coworking is now a concept. Virtual coworking spaces provide many of the same benefits as physical coworking spaces but without being in the same place. Those who use a virtual coworking space get the sense of community and more without constant interruptions or having to go to a specific location. Most virtual coworking spaces even have virtual floorplans, so you can feel as if you are truly in the same office and even virtually knock on doors or go to a meeting.

Comparing Virtual and Current Coworking Spaces

In most coworking spaces, you physically go to the space to get work done, then sit at a desk and interact with people throughout the day, enjoying amenities, like coffee and printing. With a virtual coworking space, you work from wherever you are, such as your home, so you do not physically sit in the space or get access to coffee. You do, however, virtually sit at a specific desk in the virtual floorplan, go to virtual locations, like phone booths and meeting rooms, and get to interact with others in a virtual setting.